Mass extinctions – pushing life to the limitThe Palaeontological Association YouTube channel

1st International Palaeontological Virtual Congress keynote presentation: A history of the world imperfectly kept: Identifying, quantifying and dealing with sampling bias in the fossil record. – The Palaeontological Association YouTube channel

Lyell Meeting 2018: Modelling the ecological determinants of extinction across Mesozoic hyperthermal events. Geological Society Youtube channel.


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How will climate change affect the distribution of biodiversity? (Allen et al. 2018)
Extreme warming caused mass extinctions TWICE (Dunhill et al. 2018, Proc R Soc B)
Life goes on for marine ecosystems after Late Triassic mass extinction (Dunhill et al. 2018, Palaeontology)
T-Rexit! – Dinosaur biogeographic networks (Dunhill et al. 2016)T-Rexit
Geographic range & extinction (Dunhill & Wills 2015)


How good is the fossil record? (Dunhill et al. 2014)
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