The Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting

14-17 December 2018, University of Bristol

We’ve just returned to Leeds from The Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting 2018 in Bristol. It was a fantastic meeting and a huge credit to the organising committee at Bristol Palaeobiology.

Bristol past & present
University of Bristol researchers past and present (including Bethany Allen and Alex Dunhill). Photo credit Phil Donoghue.

The group presented three research projects at the conference:

A talk on “Modelling extinction cascades across a Mesozoic hyperthermal event” led by Alex Dunhill with contributions from undergraduate lab members Karolina Zarzyczny and Aislinn Vickers-Arrigo.

Dunhill et al talk
Dunhill et al talk: find the entire presentation here

A poster led by postgraduate researcher Bethany Allen on “Tetrapod spatial biodiversity patterns across the end-Permian mass extinction and recovery interval”.

Allen et al poster

A poster on “A phylogenetic and stratigraphic approach to analysing diversification dynamics in deep time” led by external collaborator Rachel Warnock with contribution from Alex Dunhill.

Warnock et al poster

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