Crossing the Palaeontological-Ecological Gap

CPEG logoThis summer, CPEG2018 will take place in the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, 30-31 August 2018. This British Ecological Society, Macroecology Special Interest Group, meeting aims to bring palaeontologists, palaeoecologists and ecologists together to discuss data and methods.

For a truly synthetic understanding of evolutionary and ecological processes, patterns should be studied at all spatial and temporal scales. Palaeontologists usually tackle ecological patterns and processes operating on longer time scales, whereas ecologists focus on those occurring on shorter time scales. This partitioning of temporal scale hinders communication, data integration and synthesis in ecology. The CPEG meeting – Crossing the Palaeontological-Ecological Gap –  is designed to bring palaeontologists and ecologists together to share ideas, data and methods in areas that are studied by both, but typically independently. These research areas include, but are not limited to, biogeography, community and population ecology, food web dynamics, and extinction selectivity. We invite all those interested in ecology, at any temporal and spatial scale, to present their research and attend this integrative meeting!

Invited speakers:

Registration and abstract submission (to be sent to cpeg2018@gmail.com) is now open and fees are super cheap (especially for BES and PalAss members). Register now to get the early bird rates.

For more information visit: www.cpeg.org.uk or find information on the BES website or follow CPEG2018 on Twitter for continuous updates.

See you all in Leeds in August!


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