Welcome Karolina Zarzyczny

Welcome to the Palaeo@Leeds research group, Karolina Zarzyczny.


Karolina is an undergraduate in the School of Zoology at the University of Leeds and has just started an 8-week Palaeontological Association Undergraduate Research Bursary-funded internship in the Palaeo@Leeds group. Karolina will be working with Dr Cris Little, Jed Atkinson, Autumn Pugh and myself reconstructing trophic networks (i.e. food webs) across the Early Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event on the Yorkshire Coast.

Karolina’s first week has involved a fieldtrip to Ravenscar on the Yorkshire Coast to sample rocks of Toarcian age. She will now start building a database of Late Pliensbachian-Toarcian fossil occurrences together with trophic guild information. From this data she will be able to model food web structure through this interesting period of Earth history.






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